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The company is part of Daido Metal Co., Ltd. a Japanese corporate group founded in 1939 and currently one of the largest manufacturers of slide bearings in the world.

The DAIDO METAL CZECH s.r.o. manufacturing plant in Brno was opened in 2005. It was expanded in 2013 with the addition of a new production hall, and the company now employs over 300 professionals.  Also in 2013, the sister company Daido Metal Co., Ltd. – The European Technical Center, based at the Brno manufacturing plant, was founded. It researches the tribological characteristics of materials, and shares these analyses with the parent company for further usage within the corporate group. The plant also earns the distinction of being the first greenfield Daido Metal site outside of Asia, rather than being an acquisition.

The company manufactures: engine bearings, used in the engines of the world’s premier car manufacturers polymer bearings, used in fuel pumps, automobile and motorcycle suspensions, and compressors used in air conditioning systems in both cars and buildings
turbocharger bearings.

Dear visitors of DAIDO METAL CZECH web pages, my name is Yukihiko Kagohara and I started to work on position of Managing Director in DMC from April 1st 2019.

In our company DAIDO METAL CZECH  you can find a unique combination of Japanese technologies and know-how with Czech - and especially Brno´s industrial tradition and history. This combination results in top-quality products, clean and orderly working place, skilled workers and specialists, fair approach to employees, good team and a common will for continuous improvement.

Our slogan is “Create corporate culture to keep constant development”. We build our corporate culture with heart of brightness, vitality and positive thinking.

Yukihiko Kagohara




Company employs over 300 people


Production of turbocharger bearings begins


Founding of the sister company for research and development, Daido Metal Co, Ltd – The European Technical Center


Production begins in the new production hall, surfacing technology is installed


Construction begins on second production hall


Production of engine bearings begins


Production of polymer bearings expanded


Production of polymer bearings begins


Founding of the manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic, DAIDO METAL CZECH, s.r.o.


Founding of the parent company DAIDO METAL in Nagoya City, Japan

DAIDO METAL worldwide


Our parent company Daido Metal Co., Ltd. develops lead-free materials with sliding characteristics comparable to traditional lead-based materials. We aim to reduce the impact of leaded materials on the environment. The high standard of our environmentally friendly processes is evidenced by our automotive and water management industry bearings.

Our exacting standards of accuracy, specific requirements of each customer, and fulfilling the IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements, which the company is certified for, place high demands on all our employees.


The manufacturing technologies used by the company are cold forming, machining with up to 0.001 mm precision, and electroforming.

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